The Gorkhon Archives

Site Updates

A record of various updates I've made to the site and when.

2/26/2021: Officially published the site! It is largely unfinished, but I wanted to have everything properly registered. I'm planning on editing the glossary page to be a little cooler, among other things. Stay tuned!

3/6/2021: Added a page for all my Artemy drawings!

3/7/2021: Added a page for outside Patho resources! Edited the music page so the links are embeds instead of links (that way there's a tracklist preview). Made a few other small adjustments.

3/14/2021: We have a guestbook now! It is on the front page right underneath the site button :^) Another larger update should be coming relatively soon.

3/17/2021: Alongside a few small updates, the analysis page is officially up and as fleshed out as I can make it right now! Lots of new information is now available for you to peruse, if you so desire :3 A new fanblog was added to the listing as well!

4/8/2021: Some items removed from Further Reading section. A statement on the decision as well as recent events can be found here.

4/9/2021: Added a page for all my Daniil drawings! A few other drawings were added to the other art pages as well.