The Gorkhon Archives

Statement on recent events (4/8/2021)

Recently in the English-speaking section of the Pathologic fanbase, it was discovered that Nikolay Dybowski, head of Ice-Pick Lodge, was engaging in sexual contact with minors and students of the university he works at. You can find out more about the situation from this link (trigger warning for underage sexual abuse). His actions are absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. We can only hope that he will be held accountable for what he has done and be removed from his positions of power.

Despite these recent developments, The Gorkhon Archives will continue to be updated for the foreseeable future. Pathologic is a labor of love by the many different minds who worked at Ice-Pick Lodge, alongside all the artists and voice actors and other contributors, not the work of one singular man. I would like for future additions to the site to reflect the diversity of thought and talent that was put into creating such a wonderful game.

The only real change being made is the removal of his recommended books for students in the Further Reading section of the site. They are more an insight into his views of the game design process rather than reflective of anything necessarily relevant to Pathologic, and I don't want to leave it up as it indirectly lifts him up above other staff members. However, since he does still have a real influence on the game, articles and interviews including him will remain up on the site.

Above all else, my heart goes out to the victims affected by his actions and I wish them all the best going forward. I sincerely hope they are able to get the justice they deserve.